Intimate Initiatives

Island > Island Project

Movie 'our sister island' by Ku Nakagawa is leading us to a new interactive project.

The ISLAND > ISLAND Project is a new initiative for introducing our lifestyles to one another: Waiheke Island + Oshima Island.

A focus on visual dialogues—photos and videos—helps us break through the Japanese/English language barrier, to show each other where and how we live. We invite members of the public in New Zealand and Japan to post their own images. You'll need to sign into this website as a member (this is just to eliminate spamming and trolling from machine bots, we don't gather personal information).

Go here to see dialogues, and add yours here.





Previous Chiyo-ni Projects:

Tshirts, sending 'solidarity and concern'


 PROJECT Chiyo-ni Japan has produced Tshirts featuring an umbrella design by artist Kazu Nakagawa and a message to Japanese recipients saying "Wishing you long life once more."

You have the Tshirt in a set of two to keep one while the other goes to someone in Japan. In this way a Tshirt purchaser here is sending a message of solidarity and concern to a tsunami survivor, letting them know that someone far away is thinking of them. As pairs are donated, more pairs can be made—the scope of the project is endless. This is a way of bring to people in Japan affected by this tragedy a sense that someone cares and is thinking about them, as they gradually come to terms with their loss of family, friends and everything they have come to know as 'home'. This white Tshirts were for donation $60 per pair, now $40 per pair.


The 160 Tshirts Project had Tshirts in a black design, also by Kazu. Aimed two schools at a first step, Oshima Primary School and the neighbouring Intermediate and Junior High School, have around 160 students in total. These students like all the other 3,000 residents on this island were still coming to terms with the physical and emotional after-effects of the earthquake and tsunami that struck their beautiful island.

Mr Kikuta, the principal of Oshima Primary School had told us that it would mean a lot to his pupils and their families to receive a Tshirt gifted by someone in another place, who is thinking about them and wishing them a bright future. We looked for 160 supporters to donate $40.00 for a pair of the newly-designed Tshirts, so that we're able to send every student on Oshima a Tshirt linking them to someone here with a matching t-shirt.

The 160 Tshirts project has been completed in 2012, but there are still some these Tshirts available for fruther supports.


Men’s Classic / Women’s Fitted T. (for both White & Black)                         Sizes: , S - M - L - XL - XXL 

Tshirts can be ordered here (note: available sizes are currently limited).

/ændǽnti/ ,'at moderate walking pace'

One hundred and eight umbrellas from Kazu Nakagawa's installation, titled /ændǽnti/ from the headland SCULPTURE ON THE GULF exhibition have been donated by the artist to initiate the project, soon after the earthquake & Tsunami in 2011. These umbrellas were part of the catalyst that launched PROJECT Chiyo-ni Japan. The phonetic term /ændǽnti/  inscribed on each umbrella is from the phonetic musical term 'andante', meaning 'at moderate walking pace'. More background details can be read at About.

Says Kazu, "I like the term /ændǽnti/  in the context of this project, it can mean, keep moving, keep going, one step at a time. An umbrella is the simplest utensil for protection from the elements, rain, sun and wind. It crosses cultures as a universal symbol. Using the umbrella as the symbol of our project, we are talking about protection of people, offering a shade from horror, a safe haven.”

In exchange for your donation of $100 or more you will be gifted an /ændǽnti/ umbrella, designed as a collectable conceptual artwork that crosses multiple lines of functionality and meaning. The money raised from sales provides financial resources that allow PROJECT Chiyo-ni Japan to operate. Donations can be made here.